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About usOliveira Ascensão e Associados
is a law firm with a multidisciplinary team able to answer to the client’s specific needs in the main legal areas, thanks to its partners, associates and partnerships.

Areas of practice

Administrative Offences
  • Defence of road traffic offences;
  • Defence of environmental offences;
  • Defence of labour administrative offences
  • Judicial Disputes against decisions made by the various administrative bodies and publicorganisations;
  • Others.
Criminal Law
  • Complaints;
  • Private complaints and accusations
  • Constitution of assistant
  • Petitions for civil compensation
  • Requests for the opening of preliminary enquiries
  • Judicial proceedings
  • Habeas Corpus;
  • Judicial appeals;
  • Others
Labour Law
  • Development of Employment Contracts;
  • Advice to national and international companies;
  • Disciplinary procedures, labour audits and collective disputes;
  • Labour litigation;
  • Dismissals;
  • Work accidents;
  • Disciplinary proceedings in labour and social security matters
  • Legal proceedings and appeals, both for the employee and the employer;
  • Others.
Real Estate Law
  • Drafting of Construction Contracts;
  • Drafting Promise of Sale and Purchase Agreements;
  • Preparation of purchase and sale agreements
  • Drafting rental contracts
  • Assisting property development companies;
  • Others
Legal Advisory Services for Condominiums
  • Legal advice for condominiums is essential nowadays, as it enables the harmonization of relations between the apartment – holders and the condominium itself, and guarantees the efficiency and fulfillment of each party’s responsibilities, as well as the fulfillment of contracts celebrated with external entities ( e.g., cleaning and maintenance companies, etc.).
Portuguese Nationality and Residence Visa

Oliveira Ascensão e Associados provides legal support with a view to obtaining the Portuguese nationality, either by attribution (for people born abroad with at least one parent or grand-parent of Portuguese nationality) or by acquisition, which covers several modalities, including being legally resident in Portugal for at least five years; being married or living in a non-marital partnership to a Portuguese national for over three years; being a descendant of Portuguese Sephardic Jews.

Our specialized lawyers will assist you in taking the first steps that may be required to apply for the Portuguese nationality, such as: getting the baptism certificate and/or birth certificate of a Portuguese citizen; update the marital status, with marriage or death annotation on the Portuguese birth certificate; reviewing and confirming a foreign ruling on divorce or on deed of non-marital partnership.

Oliveira Ascensão e Associados also assists clients who wish to obtain or renew their residence visas for investors, entrepreneurs, retirees, income earners, among other categories of visas covered by the Portuguese law.

Food Law
  • Labeling (food and feed);
  • Additives;
  • Novel food;
  • Nutritional and Health Claims;
  • Traceability;
  • Contaminants and Undesirable Substances;
  • Official Controls;
  • Others;
Tax law
  • Legal advice (private or corporate)
  • Tax litigation
  • Advice on the different stages of tax proceedings.
  • Others
Family and Minors Law
  • Divorces
  • Extrajudicial partitions
  • Judicial proceedings
  • Parental Responsibilities
  • Educative Tuletary Processes
  • Processes of promotion and protection of minors
  • Others
Judicial Litigation
  • Arbitration
Civil Law
  • Contract Drafting
  • Issuance of Opinions
  • Extrajudicial and judicial debt collection
  • Debt acknowledgement agreements
  • Injunctions
  • Enforcement proceedings
Notarial Deeds
  • Private documents for the purchase and sale of real estate
  • Registration of purchase and sale of automobiles
  • Acknowledgement of signatures
  • Authentications
  • Certification of photocopies
  • Translations
Commercial and Corporate Law

The Commercial and Corporate area has as its main objective the accompaniment of entrepreneurs and companies, from the moment of their creation
Ourspecializedsupport and follow-up coverall the necessary acts for the regular and clarified incorporation of a commercial company (whatever its legal nature may be).
The counseling will include an initial phase of study and advice on the type of business to be created and desired by the entrepreneur, namely, but not limited to, the drafting of shareholders agreements, as well as advice on the corporate structure to be set up.

In a second phase, we provide counseling on all the legal formalities for the regular constitution of the company, such as:
– the drafting of the memorandum and articles of association;
– possible drafting of internal regulations;
– drafting the declaration with compulsory details for the appointment of the management;
– drafting a statement with mandatory statements on the UBO (Ultimate Beneficial Owner)
– registration of the company at the Commercial Registry;

The third stage, after the company has been duly incorporated, may include:
-drafting of the RCBE (Central Registry of the Effective Beneficiary);
-opening of the minute book;
-compilation and drafting of minutes referring to the General Meetings;
-registration of the brand and logo;

At a later stage, our ongoing legal advice and assistance to the incorporated company will cover any alterations to the corporate structure that may arise, such as divisions or transfers of shares, alterations to the registered office, designation of directors or managers, alterations to the statutes, among others, as well as their registration with the competent authorities. In addition to this type of activity, we also ensure the drafting of tailor-made employment contracts, considering the positions and specificities of the workers.

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